5 Side Gigs to Earn Some Extra Cash

Casey F.

December 6, 2016 / Staff Writer

Anyone who is working a day or full time job knows it is still a tad bit difficult to make ends meet at times. You have to give every single time to make it another month. There is no given time that you do not sacrifice at least one need or want to give preference to some other priority. And times the choices are tough!

There is nothing better to earn some extra cash through side gigs that make for a more comfortable living. Apart from your main job, you can allocate some time to any one or all of the side gigs to cover for some extra expenses that keep cropping up whenever you turn around. If you are efficient at time management then these gigs would definitely help you out in the long run – if not, then it is time to pull up your socks and make some room (and time) for these side jobs that you can do to earn some extra cash!

Start earning on the side with these side gig ideas that can help rake up your bank account to a sizeable portion.

1. Freelance your skills

There are several skills that people have along with their main skills. Be it writing (blogging) or beautiful handwriting, people are ready to pay anyone who can do their work for them.

a) Writers needed

Blogging and article writing is something people can do as a side gig. Anyone who has the passion for writing and/or enjoys it as a hobby can make money off it quite easily. There are several places that hire writers and bloggers to write on a variety of topics or one can simply take on projects of different places to write content for them. There is no limit to what you can do with the skill of writing content.

b) Search for Researchers

Government places as well as some private firms hire freelancers who can do some research for them. Coupled with the above, people can simply sign up for looking up on various themes and subjects that is original to use by these places. One can rake up to a hefty amount at the end of the month and enjoy spending in luxury!

c) Applications Buildup

If you do not have the head for words, but codes, then building applications or websites can help you rake in some cash. This side gig also helps you keep updated with the latest technology and does not let your skill get rusty.

d) Beautifully Written

If you have the talent of Calligraphy then you can be hired to write beautiful handwritten notes as wedding or birthday invitations or thank you notes. Not many have the ability to write beautifully and if you do, then make the most of it. Once people know of your skill, you are bound to be hired to write and write and write!

2. Car Wash on off time

If you have your weekends off then put up a car wash stall in your front or backyard. Wash your neighbors’ cars and earn a decent amount every month. It wouldn’t take long to wash even wash 15 – 20 cars in a day. Doing the math, this could get you to add to your main income stream to a sizeable amount. If you are a regular at it, then word is bound to spread, and not only would you have repeat customers, but new ones stepping in as well.

Enjoy your summer mornings in shorts and water!

3. Drive Around – Run Errands While At It

If you have your own car, then you can easily share rides with people. Apps like Uber have given car owners the freedom to pick up their rides and drop them to locations that are in their radius.

You can pick and drop your rides on your way to office and back home. This way you wouldn’t even have to go out of the way and save you a considerable amount on fuel as well. A win-win situation from any angle you see it!

While driving around and picking and dropping people, you can also run errands for friends, family and neighbors. Again, you need not go out of the way to do so, and while doing their work you can get your work done in the meantime.

Things like grocery shopping, or picking up mail or any small or big errand can be done in one round trip. Offer your services and decide your route that would help you save up on time, effort and fuel. All this when added up along with your service charges can help you boost your income considerably.

4. Temporary Weekend Workers

Many places offer contract based jobs. Do a quick Google search on places offering temporary jobs and just sign up. Not only do you earn extra at this side gig, but you can also pick up on a variety of skills along the way. Boosting your skill set would help you by most definitely complimenting your main job as well.

Do not shy away from learning new things. There is no age for learning and no one stops to do so in their lifetime.

5. Couch Crashers

Got extra room for couch or room crashers, then there are a selection of places that you can offer your extra room to someone in need. Check out the going rate in and around your area and set your price accordingly. It is advised that you do a thorough background check of the person you are allowing into your inner sanctum and also set ground rules before they start staying with you – whether for short period of time or for much longer.

It wouldn’t do if you end up paying for someone else’s sloppiness.

All these side gigs can augment your income considerably. Explore your options and know that nothing is limiting you from trying any one or all of them together or individually. Give it a try and earn extra cash!

Staff Writer, Financial Help Desk