Financial wellness comes from spending less than you make.  You can achieve that either by spending less, or making more, and saving the difference.  This section is about making more money.

In “Earning More” you will find articles and resources to help you increase your income in one of two ways:

  • Increasing your income through your current line of work
  • Side hustles, or side gigs

To earn more through your current line of work there are a few options, such as gaining education or training, asking for a raise if it is possible, angling for a promotion or changing companies, to name a few.  You’ll find articles and resources in this section exploring all these possibilities and more.

In today’s sharing economy, however, side hustles are nearly limitless.  If you are enterprising and ambitious, you have more opportunities available to you to make some extra money on the side than ever before in history.  The sharing economy was made for you.

What skills do you have that you are not using at the present time?  How much spare time do you have?  What do you love doing?  You can make the extra money you need to achieve financial independence by tending bar, tutoring, driving, writing, singing, selling (of course) and so much more.  What works best for you?

Start with finding the intersection of what you love doing, what people need or want and are willing to pay for, and what you’re good at.  Somewhere in that intersection is a side-hustle that not only will make you a little extra money, but that will bring you happiness in the doing of it.

The articles in this section will explore your possibilities and the pros and cons of different side-hustle options.  The resources will point you to companies that need your services and can help you maximize your results from your new venture.

Go get ’em!