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Financial Help Desk wants to promote writers who have the same passion we do for delivering high-quality, meaningful content. Readers come to us for news, tips and advice about their financial life in articles that are clear, concise and on-point.


The Ideal Article / Publishing Standards

This may be obvious but has to be said – the ideal article will be about news, tips or advice about personal finance – either credit, borrowing, debt-management, savings, investing, earning or “success stories.”

The ideal article will be between 600 and 1200 words, be original material, in English, and must be written by you. If you quote other experts or cite other sources, you must include appropriate citations and verify (in writing – email is acceptable) that you have permission to use the material.

The ideal article will be tightly focused on the subject matter that you have chosen. “Credit”, as an example, is too broad a topic on which to base a meaningful article of only 600 words. “3 tips to improve your credit score now,” however, would be a good example of a tightly-focused article that would matter to readers.

The article should not focus on getting the reader to buy a particular product or service. While it is fine for you to draw them to your web site and to engage them in your product or service there, the focus of the article you submit for this site must be educational in nature. In exchange, readers will be encouraged to visit your site. (See below)

Finally, the article must not contain vulgarity, slander or falsehoods, and may not be political in nature. Financial Help Desk has total discretion and the final say in whether or not any article is appropriate for publication on this site.

About You

When you submit an article for consideration, please include a short bio and a professional photo of yourself, along with your contact information. We must have your email address, mailing address and phone number. You can tell us what you do and don’t want published with the article. You may also include a link to your web site or book to be published with your article.

Editing and Publishing

Financial Help Desk must approve each article. If we think it is necessary to edit the article, we will suggest changes in the copy and get your approval before publishing.
Once your article is published we will let you know via email.

Promotional Opportunities

You can include any contact information you like with your article, including a phone number, email address, and web site. An example might be “Bob Smith is a credit counselor in Phoenix, Arizona. He can be reached at (480) 555-5555 or at
Your article will be promoted by Financial Help Desk using social media, and possibly other initiatives depending on the quality of the article.

How You Can Promote

You may promote your own articles on the site as much as you wish via social media, mailing lists, etc. Simply provide a link directly to the article once it’s published.

Welcome to the Team!

We look forward to hearing from you and to reading your
contribution to the financial education of others! Thank you!

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