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Loan guide book by casey flemingCasey Fleming began his career in the mortgage industry in 1979 as an appraiser. He founded and built one of the largest appraisal firms in the San Francisco Bay Area, earned the highest appraiser designation in California, and testified as an expert witness in court. In 1995 he began his transition to mortgage lending. Since then he has helped hundreds of families and investors finance their homes or investment properties, recruited hundreds of mortgage originators, produced several hundred training and professional development meetings, and has been published in major industry trade magazines. Casey has always been most passionate about one thing: thoughtful, intelligent analysis of the central questions about lending. His clients include many Silicon Valley engineers, so this focus has served his clients’ needs perfectly. This experience has been poured into The Loan Guide. Today Casey still originates mortgage loans.

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4.0 out of 5 starsfinally, a book written by an actual loan officer
By bk on June 8, 2014
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there’s other books out there on the topic of home financing, but typically they are written by someone at the top of an organization, or someone who is retired, and disconnected from the reality of what is actually occurring in the real world. this book, however, is written by an actual loan officer with i think more than 20 years in the industry.

the book does a good job exploring all facets of home financing, whether you’re a first time homebuyer or refinancing for the 20th time.

this is a great gift for someone who may be thinking about buying a home (for example, my parents got it for me) or even for someone who just needs a refresher on all the mechanics of home financing. frankly, if everyone had read this book before getting a home loan before the meltdown in 2007/2008, we likely would have avoided some, if not all, of the great recession.

Verified Purchase

Mr. Flemings writes in an manner that is understandable.. I am a Mortgage Broker of over twenty years and I would highly recommend this book for anyone who is thinking about making a purchase or a refinance. I personally dug deep into the chapter on buying investment property. This is something we can use for the next investment property we purchase. Twenty two chapters filled with detailed and well written information.
Finally a clear book with step by step practical advice on how to get loans – that work for me.
Latest information here especially for post 2008.
Highly recommend this over the other books out there as Mr. Fleming clearly explains in easy to understand English the why, what, and how of navigating the complex world of mortgages.