Most folks look for a loan because they want to buy something with the funds.  A car, a house, or maybe a dining room set.  They think about the loan as a means to an end, and don’t give it much thought from there.

The banks are counting on that.  They know that lending is a zero-sum game.  You are on one side of the table, and they are on the other.  They push a pile of money at you, and over time you have to give them that money back, plus a lot more.  But most folks are so focused on the pile of money coming their way now, they don’t think about how much money they are giving back.  If banks can keep you distracted enough, you won’t pay attention to this, and they can get you to pay a lot more back.

You will probably spend more money on renting other people’s money (we call this “interest”) than anything else you buy in your life.  But even so you can minimize how much money you have to push back across the table if you approach taking a loan thoughtfully.

In this section, we discuss strategies to help you with the following kinds of loans:

Car Loans

Student Loans


Credit Cards

Equity Lines

Personal Lines of Credit


Peer-to-Peer Lending