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Average American family savings – $4,220 (Statistic Brain)
26% of families have no savings (Credit Donkey)
The average family saves 5.7% of their income (Trading Economics)
The average savings account pays 0.06% APY interest. Woo-hoo! (Money / CNN)

Financial Planning
48% of working Americans do not have a financial planner (Forbes)
33% of Americans have no financial plan (Northwestern Mutual via CNBC)
Only 1 in 3 American families have a detailed household budget (Gallup)
Financial planners get paid by commission, planning fees, and management fees

Facts about debt:
76% of Americans have NO savings (
Americans spend 12 – 18% more when they use credit as compared to cash (Nerd Wallet)
77 million American have debt in collections (Urban Institute)
Average U.S. credit card debt – $5,700 (Value Penguin)
Total U.S. credit card debt – $952 billion (Federal Reserve)


Facts about credit:
Average U.S. FICO score – 795
Average number of cards per person – 3.7
New credit card holders in the last year – 10 million (Transunion)
Average interest rate for good credit – 17.7% (Wallet Hub)


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