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What you should consider about robot vacuums


Are you an extrovert person and would love to invite friends to your home for a friendly dinner? It’s a fun activity but you might concern about cleaning before and after the event. Here is the best solution – just let the robot vacuum do the task for you. Today I will share with you 4 things to consider about robot vacuum cleaners and suggest the Best Rated Vacuum Cleaners for your reference.


How do robot vacuums work?


A robot vacuum is designed with various types of sensors to identify obstacles and navigate itself to perform the daily cleaning tasks. You can simply control the machine by using your voice, remote control, or via a mobile app with a Wifi connection required.


If you are looking for a hands-free, lightweight, save-time, low-maintenance, and work efficiency device, there is no other better option than to own a robot vacuum.



What to consider before buying a robot vacuum


1. Battery life of a robot vacuum


On average, the battery life of a robot vacuum lasts for 60 minutes. Some robot vacuums are designed with a self-charging function so they can go to the charging station when the battery is running low. Unlike a traditional corded canister or upright vacuums, a robot cordless vacuum cleaner is equipped with special sensors, and require Wifi connection so it is able to navigate itself to perform cleaning task.


2. Suction power


Robot vacuums generate weaker suction power than other types of vacuums such as canister, upright, or stick vacuum. However, there is a plus that you don’t have to keep an eye on the machine regularly. All you need to do is schedule the time and setting the work. For light-duty and medium-duty tasks in your house, a vacuum cleaner works efficiently.


3. Various types of sensors


To see things around, robot vacuums use their 4 main designated sensors: cliff, obstacle, wall, and wheel sensors. Sensors program the devices to determine the obstacles in-house, how far they have gone, and how well they have worked.


4. Budget


Robotic vacuums are made with technological advancement, so the cost is normally higher than the other types of top rated vacuum cleaners. It costs you up to $1000 for having a standard robot vacuum, but the benefits the machine brings to life are absolutely amazing.


Some modern models even allow you to control via a mobile app, while you do not need to stay close to the appliance. In other words, you can easily and actively set when to operate and when to stop the device.



What are the best vacuum cleaners for 2021 – Our top 5 Recommendations


● iRobot Roomba 675
● Ecovacs Deebot N79S
● Bissell SpinWave Wet and Dry
● Roborock S6 Robot Vacuum
● Dyson 360 heurist


Final words:


Even though robot vacuums are more expensive than other traditional types of vacuums, the benefits they bring are outweighed. If you are looking for a durable and most useful home appliance, don’t think too much when buying the robot best vacuum cleaner brands. I’m sure it’s worth the value, and most importantly, save huge amounts of your time.



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